Reacting To Weird Videos (Simpsons Edition)

2. jan. 2021
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  • Guys, can we get JJ to watch the Five Nights at Freddy’s VHS tapes? It would make a very popular video!

    GibsterBoy5GibsterBoy5Pred 2 dnevi
  • 0:02 "covid has dissapeared" 2021:"Am i A joke to you?

    Ro-Vids 1Ro-Vids 1Pred 2 dnevi
  • Is nobody ganna talk about how disturbing that first one was.

    『Nad』『Nad』Pred 3 dnevi
  • 0 :07 pov it's March again 0•0

    noobytorionoobytorioPred 3 dnevi
  • Still can’t box

    DannyAH99DannyAH99Pred 4 dnevi
  • the first clip?..any links

    Rexson KibakRexson KibakPred 4 dnevi
  • Shoutout to all my Indian friends. Who else was like what when the Indian music started playing in the lizard clip. Lol

    Master BoyMaster BoyPred 4 dnevi
  • Lol I watched the evolution part in my high school

    Stealth FoxStealth FoxPred 4 dnevi
  • so you are opening the year with weird videos huh

    PlayboiiiloderPlayboiiiloderPred 5 dnevi
  • 9:25

    SamBoGanSamBoGanPred 6 dnevi
  • JJ watch this i cant stop laughing

    Dominic DeitrichDominic DeitrichPred 9 dnevi
  • was it really that hard to at least show the video page with the info on my chicken and apple animation? would've been a big help for my channel if you would've credited me for my work. thanks for at least getting it out there though to some degree.

    WufuDufuWufuDufuPred 9 dnevi
  • 4:49 did he say gayboard? or skateboard

    Berr PRDBerr PRDPred 10 dnevi
  • Wait how can you send him vids?

    503Music503MusicPred 10 dnevi
  • Simpsons vid has the booga booga roblox game music in it haha

    ezalbezalbPred 13 dnevi
  • 9:23 scene was weird but i love that song

    Salman EhsanSalman EhsanPred 16 dnevi
  • Anybody know the video in the thumbnail? Im not going to watch this whone video because I think i'll die of cringe if i do.

    Eepop_stuffsEepop_stuffsPred 16 dnevi
  • 11:31 why is that on the internet you ask more like WHY IS THIS ON THE INTERNET

    Controlled ByControlled ByPred 17 dnevi
  • Bro do you like soccer because you have a Pelé shirt at the back

    Abdelaziz El habtiAbdelaziz El habtiPred 18 dnevi
  • Ahem, What Is The Name Of The Gecko Video.

    Wang's DOnutGeishaWang's DOnutGeishaPred 20 dnevi
  • Ah I see mo did good with this thumbnail... it would be a shame if a 🥖 were to appear

    sandbox playersandbox playerPred 20 dnevi
  • Guys where do you think is a good place to find this kind of videos?

    Luca De RosaLuca De RosaPred 21 dnevom
    • Tell me when you find answers

      34abub02134abub021Pred 19 dnevi
  • The last video is the music video for Right here Right now by Fatboy slim but im fine with him not playing the actual music video because it is 3 minutes long and would've probably resulted in a dmca

    John HumanJohn HumanPred 21 dnevom
  • Surely bare man can relate to that kid in the beginning 🙋🏿‍♂️

    PowerfulPE TMPowerfulPE TMPred 21 dnevom
  • woah

    Marcel SchusterMarcel SchusterPred 22 dnevi
  • The Simpson thing literally made me feel sick, that was so fucked up

    Colin BrowneColin BrownePred 24 dnevi
  • you have to watch pamtri videos that would be awesome

    awiildlucasawiildlucasPred 24 dnevi
  • What the shit was that first video though ?

    Libs SwindellsLibs SwindellsPred 24 dnevi
  • They stole the evolution of a man in one minute video from the fatboy slim song Right here Right now

    ROGUE Studios Empire EROGUE Studios Empire EPred 25 dnevi
  • 9:10 that song added more feelings to it.... lol

    Doda ManDoda ManPred 26 dnevi
    • @Doda Man Bro thanks a lot, I've been looking for it the past 40 mins. You saved me a lot of time!

      German AlvapienGerman AlvapienPred 17 dnevi
    • @German Alvapien YUP BRO....*JO BHEJI THI DUA*

      Doda ManDoda ManPred 17 dnevi
    • Do you know the name of the song?

      German AlvapienGerman AlvapienPred 17 dnevi
  • someone PLEASE tell me what he says in the intro....

    Brady CiganekBrady CiganekPred 26 dnevi
  • You should react to get a new hobby fail army

    Hope KaylHope KaylPred 26 dnevi
  • i was just saying wtf the whole video

    Tafadzwa MawemaTafadzwa MawemaPred 27 dnevi
  • @ wanna see the next ksi hes british check out this channel hes hilarious!!!

  • activate windows you baffooooonnnn

    Alex BeckerAlex BeckerPred 29 dnevi
    • of course my guy

      Alex BeckerAlex BeckerPred 29 dnevi
    • thanks man

      Alex BeckerAlex BeckerPred 29 dnevi
    • he is a pretty smart guy

      Alex BeckerAlex BeckerPred 29 dnevi
  • Petition for jj to activate Windows 👇

    RLRLPred mesecem
  • Gaico adevertaisment

    Braydon BrokkeBraydon BrokkePred mesecem
  • this should be a crack compilation.

    Agastya 2008 KaulAgastya 2008 KaulPred mesecem
  • 8:20 absolute perfection

    James AinsworthJames AinsworthPred mesecem
  • my friend from basketball looks exatlly like you lol

    Sam HemaSam HemaPred mesecem
  • The Simp Son

    Ahmad Sukri SabriAhmad Sukri SabriPred mesecem
  • That last clip is literally the video for Fatboy Slim Right here Right now speeded up

    FunkySheep88FunkySheep88Pred mesecem
  • 8:51 thought it was a Geico commercial but was better

    gleeful jaygleeful jayPred mesecem
  • The last one was from a legendary song performed by fatboyslim ,,Right here right now"

    Бaлю БaлевБaлю БaлевPred mesecem
  • This video did not age well

    Taneemul AlamTaneemul AlamPred mesecem
  • How do you do it my man

    boom boomboom boomPred mesecem
  • I'm so happy because he did this on my birthday

    Louis Edgar SladeLouis Edgar SladePred mesecem
  • [system notice] you've finished tutorial mode "2020" Transporting the player into Stage 1 "2021"

    Mandy NormanMandy NormanPred mesecem
  • i‘m high and watching that simpson clip was very disturbing somehow

    pinanspinansPred mesecem
  • Why when the video just started I heard YO WASSUP YA BOI KSI JOINED LGBT HOW YA DOIN'

    Team Press PlayTeam Press PlayPred mesecem
  • I think I'm becoming a psychopath watching this

    Jefferson AgudeloJefferson AgudeloPred mesecem
  • myself

    Christian SanchezChristian SanchezPred mesecem
  • this is just jj being confused

    Liam StylesLiam StylesPred mesecem
  • 8:53 when you see your friend at the shops 😂

    KawakiKawakiPred mesecem
  • This: 9:53 Sephiroth: SUPERNOVA THIS BITCH!!!

    The Racing FoxThe Racing FoxPred mesecem
  • Wtf am i watching

    browsbrowsPred mesecem
  • Oh yeah yeah

    tcgshopnewburytcgshopnewburyPred mesecem
  • covid now be like : GUESS WHOS BACK

    P3TZXP3TZXPred mesecem
  • average intro: wats up guys welcome back... ksi intro: yo wassup your boy ksi ligetdmjhdsnfjhansnkjncbhjbhjnbhbvHBwhjfbhabwnhdhrbjhbhjsjnfneNKJSDN how we all doin

    Kingston ShumKingston ShumPred mesecem
  • Why didn't i see this video at 2nd of January

    AlocHsAlocHsPred mesecem
  • Where do i find that weird chicken video on SLworlds 10:21

    itsmewilliam2itsmewilliam2Pred mesecem
    • @Shoegazing Slappy cool thank you

      itsmewilliam2itsmewilliam2Pred 3 dnevi
    • Here, thanks to 404 Metsubou 2.0 for getting someone to translate the titlecard and finding it

      Shoegazing SlappyShoegazing SlappyPred 10 dnevi
  • Bubba Tundae

    DJ SceechDJ SceechPred mesecem
  • This video contains some of the most disconcerting clips I've ever seen

    DreamLogicDreamLogicPred mesecem
  • I’m annoyed he didn’t recognise fatboy slim

    Luke 18Luke 18Pred mesecem
  • 10:00

    Bourhane HamidouBourhane HamidouPred mesecem
  • Can someone give me a link to the chicken video? I can't find it nowhere

    Federico FontanaFederico FontanaPred mesecem

      WufuDufuWufuDufuPred 9 dnevi
  • 11:38 why not woman?

    BADSHAh GaMingBADSHAh GaMingPred mesecem
  • I

    Rizwan KhanRizwan KhanPred mesecem
  • PLEASE react to meat Canyon

    joey worldtourjoey worldtourPred mesecem
  • The little kid is Actually PewDiePie did you know? Felix...🤣

    Luka StojanovicLuka StojanovicPred mesecem
  • Anyone who can understand Hindi 8:51 ...

    GoldenKnight 951GoldenKnight 951Pred mesecem
  • I thought it was weird that people were acting like covid would disappear cause it's 2021

    Francesca FFrancesca FPred mesecem
  • jj is so sensitive its so cute

    Ameera TheHybridAmeera TheHybridPred mesecem
  • 2020 prestige 1

    ForeverAtariForeverAtariPred mesecem
  • When you realize the name of the new year is literally twenty-twenty won.....

    TrenchesTommyTrenchesTommyPred mesecem
    • when you realize you’ve seen this joke twenty times

      JoelJoelPred mesecem
  • SOMEONE PLEASE do you know where I can find the clip with the chicken and apple at - 10:20

    MaranionUploadsShitMaranionUploadsShitPred mesecem
    • @WufuDufu dude ikr?

      skelesceneskelescenePred 8 dnevi
    • here is the link

      dntlkdwndntlkdwnPred 9 dnevi
    • it's by my buddy, wufudufu

      dntlkdwndntlkdwnPred 9 dnevi
    • really wish he would've at least credited my video when he used it omg

      WufuDufuWufuDufuPred 9 dnevi
    • Here, thanks to 404 Metsubou 2.0 for getting someone to translate the titlecard and finding it

      Shoegazing SlappyShoegazing SlappyPred 10 dnevi
  • Yo why did I start crying when the lizards died

    Catherine ReynoldsCatherine ReynoldsPred mesecem
  • The last clip was from one of fat boy slim's music video

    Oliver StannardOliver StannardPred mesecem
  • Wtf

    SurpentlilsSurpentlilsPred mesecem
  • Lol theory of evolution is a joke

    Aaron Jacob YasharalAaron Jacob YasharalPred mesecem
  • Pooh’s hungry for that white honey

    NightmareNightmarePred mesecem
  • He got scared at the Simpson part

    Karan RajKaran RajPred mesecem
  • This Disney - This ducing scary

    Carl SanftCarl SanftPred mesecem
  • Can someone give me the link to the first one

    SPR DarkSPR DarkPred mesecem
  • Bi

    Grace BrycelandGrace BrycelandPred mesecem
  • 6:10 bro who farted

    R4K45H1 03R4K45H1 03Pred mesecem
  • Come to pakistan ok my KSI

    muhammad khanmuhammad khanPred mesecem
  • Yoooooooo Ksiiiiii

    FazyboyFazyboyPred mesecem
  • Needa part 2

    Guacamole Nigga penisGuacamole Nigga penisPred mesecem
  • what is the chicken video link?

    Felipe RamosFelipe RamosPred mesecem
    • Here, thanks to 404 Metsubou 2.0 for getting someone to translate the titlecard and finding it

      Shoegazing SlappyShoegazing SlappyPred 10 dnevi
  • thats rapped kid shirts

    Rangga TMRangga TMPred mesecem
  • Happy new yer 1991

    n 2-bn 2-bPred mesecem
  • 8:53 wtf lol

    Aditya SuryawanshiAditya SuryawanshiPred mesecem
  • Please react to Japanese commercial

    Danny HustleDanny HustlePred mesecem
  • 9:00 the language here is urdu

    150k Challenge150k ChallengePred mesecem
  • Anyone know what the chicken one is called 😂

    jordywardy2jordywardy2Pred mesecem
    • Here, thanks to 404 Metsubou 2.0 for getting someone to translate the titlecard and finding it

      Shoegazing SlappyShoegazing SlappyPred 10 dnevi
  • The first clip was amazing😂😂 basically summed up PTSD at its finest😂

    Edanderson 27Edanderson 27Pred mesecem
  • ksi : not today satan. satan : how about today.?

    dream babiiee.dream babiiee.Pred mesecem
  • I love that at 8.53 there is a Urdu song just playing in the background and jj is just laughing-that song is ment to be emotional

    HYPER BossHYPER BossPred mesecem
  • This is the type oh sh!t thats on the dark web 😂💀